Thank you for purchasing a Bangle.js 2! It'll only take a few seconds to get started.

You may need to charge your Bangle.js first. Use the supplied USB cable and attach it so that with the Bangle's screen facing you, the cable exits to the right.

  • Do not force the cable on - if the cable is not pulled on by the magnet it is the wrong way around and could damage your Bangle.
  • Unplug the cable from USB when you're done charging - it is magnetic and can attach itself to other metal objects and short.
  • Only use the 4 pin Bangle.js 2 charge cable - using other cables (eg. the 2 pin Bangle.js 1 charge cable) could cause irreparable damage to your Bangle.

Bangle.js has one button on the right hand side. Press it to start Bangle.js, and a welcome screen will appear giving you more instructions.

  • By default the touchscreen is locked ( is shown in the top left). To unlock, press the button.
  • When unlocked, press the button again to open the App Launcher
  • In the App Launcher, drag up and down to scroll and tap to select an app.
  • Many apps (like Settings) use menus. In the menu, you do not need to tap on a specific menu item. Instead drag up and down to change the highlighted item, and tap to select
  • You can set the time with the Settings app, but we'd recommend using the App Loader (see below)

Now you're ready to start exploring apps! With a Web Bluetooth capable browser like Chrome or Edge head to the App Loader at When prompted, click the Bangle.js 2 image.

App Loader
  • Many apps have a Read more... link which will bring you to a mini manual for that app.
  • Click    to try an app in the Bangle.js emulator (where available)
  • Click    in the top right to connect to your Bangle. Once connected the Bangle's time will be set automatically if it wasn't already.
  • The    tab shows your installed apps.    will remove an app and     will download information from an app (if it supports it).
  • From the    tab click    to upload an app to your Bangle.js
  • Click    to edit and upload a customisable app
  • The    tab can be used to easily set time and reset your Bangle.js to its default apps if you ever have a problem.

Check out the Bangle.js Wiki for more information and frequently asked questions.

Do you want to create your own software? Check out the Espruino Bangle.js tutorials as well as the Bangle.js technical reference

If you have any problems see the Troubleshooting page for common issues, and ask on the forum if you're still having trouble!

Disclaimer: Under no circumstance shall Pur3 Ltd be liable to a Company or any other Person for any loss of profits, loss of use, or for any damage suffered or costs and expenses incurred by Company or any Person, of any nature or from any cause whatsoever, whether direct, special, incidental or consequential, arising out of or related to the use of Bangle.js.